MARYLAND DUI CLASSES or Just an Evaluation

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Ronald L. Wright Ph.D.                                      410-288-1399


If you e-mail us and do not receive an answer please call us.

In Memory of Lilly Kelly she was only three years old when a

The Alpha Program "A Model for the State of Maryland"
Inside the Merritt Park Baptist Church
1799 Merritt Blvd.
Dundalk, Maryland 21222
Classes are from 5pm-6pm and 6pm-7pm
Evaluations and questions are from 4pm-5pm 

All classes are free:
Evaluation are not necessary to attend class, but can be helpful. Please check with your attorney he will advise you.                 

Your class instructor:

Dr. Wright has been teaching alcohol and substance abuse for the past forty years.
Please read Information on Dr. Wright (Left side)

Did you know?

The courts can do an evaluation for you for free? All you need to do is ask the setting judge to have the court evaluator do the evaluation.
However you may be required to attend their program that is now under treatment.

Please go to evaluation at the left side of the screen. Read the information carefully then talk to you attorney and follow his recommendations. If you do not have an attorney we will provide you with the names of attorneys we have worked with over the years.  has been a Maryland State Approved Alcohol Education Program for thirty-five years. The State of Maryland attempted to force us in becoming a treatment program, certification to teach alcohol education was NOT needed unless were teaching in a treatment facility we are not nor have we ever been a treatment program. The alcohol education program is now a small part of the Alpha Program under the Merritt Park Baptist Church. We have has been  in the Dundalk Community for the past forty years. The Alpha Program does not accept any funding from state or local agencies. Therefor does not need certification and we not regulated by the state.

Certification is only needed if you are teaching alcohol education in a treatment setting. Because the Alpha Program was never a treatment facility certification was not needed. Mrs. Frazier from the Governors Office writes, "The Alpha Program  could be a model for the State of Maryland". The Alpha Program, we have walls filled with accolades from Governors, teachers, professors, students, parents and the School of Justice. 

What you should know about certification?
You will hear the word certification from you attorney, from probation agents and the MVA. Did you know if you attended a certified program that means you are in treatment. This could affect your career down the road, even your chances for a college scholarship or the job that you always wanted could be at risk.

Have you ever been to treatment?
If someone asked if you ever went to treatment?  What would your answer be? Most likely you would respond "No I have never been in treatment". Next question, what do people say about people who have been in treatment? The answer, they people who have problems with alcohol or drugs. Last question, do you think everyone arrested for dui needs treatment? Your answer is most likely "No".  This issues is not what you or I think that counts, the State of Maryland thinks everyone should go to treatment. Even the first offender who has never been arrested, never had issues with alcohol or drugs and shows no signs of alcohol / drug problems, the state still wants you in treatment.

The Treatment scam you need to be aware of: The treatments programs could never collect money from insurance companies for education. So about five years ago the politicians decided they would help Maryland tax payers by passing new laws. Level one treatment is now alcohol education. Therefore the stigma of being in treatment can affect how people see you. Being in treatment raises red flags saying to people this person has a problem. Is that what you want?

Please click on top left MVA 12 hour program. Read this section carefully, does this even sound right to you? This state program wants no one to escape from their greedy paws. Read the affidavit. It clearly show what a third time DUI offender was told, it will amaze you. The words in red flags are issues you need to concern yourself with . On August 18, 2016 another student reported that one agency wanted him to go to a social drinkers program and not use is insurance. The problem is the man was a repeat dui offender and should have never been sent to a social drinkers program to start with.

The question is, do you want to be labeled as a person who has been in treatment?
If you use our program, and do not have issues with drugs or alcohol request the judge to permit you to attend the Alpha Program. Explain to the judge, you do not want to be labeled as a person who needs treatment. Or you can wait until you go to court then request to attend the Alpha Program the program is still free.


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